Custom Window Message Pens,Scrolling Message Pens

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Customized window message pen. 6 messages inside rotate with click, both side window. Message Pens. Free shipping to USA, West Euro, Australia.

For clients from Africa, South America,East Euro, Mid East and other areas, please order here.

Customized Scrolling Message pens,Window Message Pens. Free shipping to USA, West Euro, Australia.

We've been professional Chinese manufacturer and direct seller of window message pens for years. We've helped many companies to enhance their promotional program, distinguishing political candidates by giving away this unique and useful window message pens to public. Supplement your banner stand displays with the perfect trade show promotional giveaway. Message pens!

Our innovative retractable banner message pens leave a long-lasting impression on potential customers. Print your logo, company information and special offers on our personalized message pens! With message pens from BayFan, your customers will take your brand with them everywhere they go. Find the perfect ones for your message today.

Display your message inside a window message pen!

    The scrolling message pen can have different names, Message pen,Scrolling message pens, promotional message pens, click action pens, moving message pen,window pen, window pens,window message pen,Rotating Message Pen, message changing pen,promotion slogan pen, or even a message logo pen.
    Do you have a lot to say and want a convenient way to do it? Then Promotional message pens from Halsun is the way to go. Say as much as you can on two or six message lines!
    This pen contain tow windows on opposite side of barrel. 6 messages will be show in order when you click the bottom.
    You can totally customize Scrolling Message Pen, customize barrel color, customise soft rubble grip color,decided the pen ink color,personalize logo on pen clip,specify company IC on pen barrel, and most important -- customise the 6 promotion slogans on inside scroll tube!
    Size: 138*13.2mm

    Specification for logo artwork:
    Size of message shown on window: 36*3.5mm Max; 6 lines
    Size of logo on clip: 35*4MM
    size of logo on barrel: 60*10mm;


    Packing: 1000PCS/0.04CBM, 12/14KGS


    Choose your favorite barrel color:


Choose your favorite barrel color:


15-days Urgent Orders Plan for window message pens

As most of the small quantity promotional gifts are for a certain comming event. Thus many orders need quick production and swift delivery. We launch the 15-days Urgent Orders Plan to  enhance your events!

1. Delivery time. 15 days means time between  the day we received your payment and the day the goods reach your door. And everything listed in following  confirmations before production must be confirmed before 15 days start counts.

2. Price. Normally there will be 20% extra based on our open price list. Check price here. But need our further confirmation for specific region.

3. Express freight. Already included in open price list.

4. Payment Terms. T/T in advance. Usually there will be 2 business days for us to receive payment from main big USA and Euro banks. And 2-5 business days from South America and Africa. So make sure you made payment 2-3/2-5 business days before 15 days counts. And make sure use SWIFT. We can also accept paypal for small orders to speed up payment.


Confirmations before production:

Part II: Order quantity less than 10,000pcs (exclude 10,000pcs)
1. Barrel color. Choose at:
Customized color for barrel is not workable for quantity less than 10,000pcs.

If not HSBANNER-9. Check all scroll pen models here

2. Ink color. Black or blue?

3. No logos on clip or barrel. This is to fasten production. As the barrel is transparent logo on paper banner will show clearly even the banner is not slided out.

4. Which one is the face side of your artwork.  If your artwork printed on paper banner is vertical, specify which side is close to pen barrel when the paper banner is pull out.

5. Your detailed address to deliver scroll pens to. Post code, Telephone number, contact person.

FAQs of Flag Pen,window message pens,Custom Scrolling Message Pens


1. What's the price for window message pen? Do you have price list for all the pen models?

Check price here.

2.What is DHL express frieght?

Prices already include DHL express to your door. No set up charge. All cost is included. No hidden fees.

3. What's your delivery time?

Normal orders are 4 weeks to your door after received your payment. 15-days Urgent Orders are 15 days to your door after received your payment. But there will be no logos on clip of barrel for 15-days Urgent Orders. And you need our confirmation for urgent orders.

4. Can you send us a sample/some samples?

Please check our sample policy.

5. Do you have any reference clients?

Yes. See some examples of our clients.

6. What is artwork format you accept? Can you design artwork according to our requirements/pictures? And how to send artworks to you?

For example of HSBANNER-9

  • Max Print size: 180*68mm (that's the visible size on finished products, your artwork shall be 5-10mm larger for backgroud bleeding)
  • Artwork Format: .ai or PDF; Or any kind of high quality image, such as jpg,gif
  • Extra silk printed logo on clip: 30*5mm; on barrel: 100*50mm

We offer artwork design service. Artwork design cost of 4 color offset print on paper banner: USD50. One time change is included in artwork design cost. If you want to change second time, another USD50.

Find more information from Flag pen artwork designing instructions

We will give you an ftp account to upload artwork. You can use ftp client such as Filezilla. And make a new folder with our PI number.

7. What else shall I confirm after ordered?

See Confirmations before production

8. Do you have Distributor/Reseller/Agent at our country? And how can be your Distributor/Reseller/Agenct? Can we be your exclusive distributor?

You can resell out products to your clients. Prices are based on our open price.If you order quantity is larger than 10,000 per order, please contact us.

The word is flat, we don't think it is necessary for exclusive distributor/agent. And we already have clients on every continent and most of the active economic area.

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